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Data rescue from an old computer

  1. Data rescue from an old computer, Data rescue from an old computer: step 1, image 1 of 1
    • Problem: How to move HD data from an old 486 computer with no modern data transfer ports to a newer computer (i.e. Mac G4 tower). Solution: Remove hard drive from old PC and connect it to a drive adapter which can connect to the computer to which you want to move the data.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Do you have fix on how to move floppy disk data to a usb or other hdd?

mariem buenaventura - Reply

The Adapter In question would be called An IDE to USB connection with an independent external power supply for the hard drive. IDE is also knows as PATA (Paralell ATA) it is an older standard but as long as the Old HDD is not damaged or corrupted then it should transfer the data just fine to a new computer or Directly to another drive. Some adapters will have a combined SATA and IDE connector for both types of hard drives.

Always make sure to do your research on each model of computer before you tear it down or remove HDDs from them to avoid damage or injury. Also In answer to the other question there are Floppy Disk to USB drives available that can be used in a similar manner to the aforementioned adapter above. There may be additional emulation software needed for those to work but that will be dependent on the devices themselves if they do not have a standard windows driver available for modern computers.

I also would not recommend Doing any electronics repair on carpeted floors.

Derrick Richardson - Reply

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