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iFixit is the online platform with free repair guides for every thing, written by everyone. Since our founding in San Luis Obispo, California in 2003, we have become the world’s largest online repair community and sell replacement parts and tools to over 50 countries. Since 2013, iFixit has also had a European office in Stuttgart, Germany. Together, we work globally on our mission to teach everyone how to fix every thing.

It starts with empowering people to take repair into their own hands. From smartphones and laptops to game consoles and household appliances, we offer free repair guides and quality replacement parts for a wide range of devices and items.

A repairable future doesn’t end with DIY. We advocate for the Right to Repair at a political level by promoting laws and regulations that give consumers access to repair information, replacement parts, and tools. We also help manufacturers make their products more repairable—enabling an effective repair ecosystem from end to end.

We know that repair saves money and reduces the environmental impact of electronics manufacturing and disposal, and we’re working at every level to bring repair into the mainstream. Are you in?