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In accord with iFixit's mission to teach everyone to fix every thing, iFixit’s EDU Team empowers students to change the world through innovative education programs like the iFixit Technical Writing Project.


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Guide Image

BLU Advance 4.0 Screen Replacement

The guide is for replacing the phone's external...

Guide Image

Hair Dryer Heating Element Replacement

Is your hair dryer only blowing cold air? You...

Guide Image

HP Pavilion dv5000 Fan Replacement

These instructions detail how to take apart an...

Guide Image

Black and Decker Pivot Plus PD600 Circuit Board Replacement

Electrical shorts occur when the circuit board...

Guide Image

Quasar Microwave Capacitor Replacement

If the microwave does not power on correctly,...

Guide Image

HP Deskjet 1055 Scanner Glass Pane Replacement

Without the scanner glass pane, your printer...

Guide Image

Sharper Image iPulse SI325 Motherboard Replacement

Use this guide to remove the motherboard. There...

Guide Image

PlayStation 3 Super Slim WiFi Antenna Replacement

Reading the PlayStation 3 Super Slim Teardown...