Opening Things That Aren’t Openable: iFixit Talks Repair at Macworld

Speaking with iFixit users at Macworld

When we went to Macworld | iWorld last week, our video guide expert MJ ran into a bunch of iFixit users while walking around the showroom. She spoke with a few of them about how they found iFixit and the repairs they’ve done with the help of our guides: they’ve changed iPhone batteries, replaced broken screens, and fixed all kinds of miscellaneous Mac problems. iFixit guides, one user says, “allow me to open up things that are not openable.” The video is below.

By the way, iBallz, in the photo at the top, are one potential solution to our worries about the durability of the iPad in classrooms. Butterfingers rejoice—the soft foam balls, which fit snug around the corners of your iPad, protect it somewhat from drops.

To those of you who stopped to say hi, thanks! As MJ says, we do love success stories.