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The more support someone gets when fixing something, the more likely they are to fix again. With your help, we can make repair easier and fix more things.

Have a question about your repair? Ask our support community for help. If this is your first time using iFixit, read more about what we do around here.

Improve community-created guides

To accomplish our goal of fixing every thing, we rely on community created content. Flags identify repair information that is ready for more help. Addressing these flags will make it easier for people around the world to fix their devices.

A flag means that someone has identified an area where a guide can be improved.

Choose an area from below that speaks to you and edit the guide to resolve the flag's issue. Don't forget to remove the flag when you're done! These are sorted by views—with the most-used resources at the top.

Guides in Progress

We need help completing in-progress guides.