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iFixit in the Press


"Masterful gadget surgeons"


"Tearing Gadgets Apart: A delightful change of pace from 'consuming' them."

Lawrence Lessig

"I've used the site many times to take apart Macs I've needed to fix."

Apple Insider

"Undisputed teardown experts"

Engadget User CH3BURASHKA

"The robots of the future will see this and murder us all. Thanks iFixit. Thanks a lot."

"Shows you how to disassemble popular tech gadgets"

Lawrence Lessig

"iFixit's fantastically cool 'teardown' platform: Anyone can teach everyone how to take anything apart."


"What iFixit doesn't tell you is how fascinating it is to crack open this remarkable and densely packed little gadget, or the satisfaction of repairing your own stuff."

"We love our gadgets and gizmos, as well as our HDTVs and home entertainment systems. They are part of our daily lives and people have trouble spending time apart from them. Sometimes, you just wonder how all of these gizmos actually work. That's why we really enjoy the iFixit site Gadget Teardowns. It delves into the guts of a cluster of different devices to see how what makes them tick.

More than just that, it lets users of the site contribute images and testimony of their own personal gadget teardowns. If you've ever wanted to find out what your HDTV's, Xbox's, computers', iPods' and home entertainment system's guts look like, this is the site to visit."


"If you have the urge to take apart your gadgets and let the world know about it, iFixit just launched a new site to help you out with that ambition..."

Boing Boing

"iFixit's Gear Teardown is as awesome as it was inevitable."


"You'll need a screwdriver to do it"


"Warning: This is NSFW if you work in the company of robots."


"There's something scandalously exciting about watching iFixit."

The Times

"How shall we sing the praises of the dedicated team of lunatics over at iFixit?"