Recycling Industry Verifies iFixit’s Repairability Findings

Over the past decade, iFixit’s teardown engineers have torn down hundreds of gadgets from every major manufacturer of electronics. In that time, Dell’s products have consistently impressed us with their modularity and repairability.

Time and time again, Dell’s products have scored well on our teardown table. The Dell XPS 10 even tops the list of our most repairable tablets, earning a 9/10 for repairability.

Now the recycling industry has independently verified iFixit’s findings. The Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) just announced Dell Inc. as the recipient of its 2014 Design for Recycling (DFR) Award. The Dell Latitude 10, XPS 10, and Latitude E7240 were specifically singled out for their recyclability, modular design, clear labeling of parts for identification, minimal use of adhesive, and wide distribution of disassembly guides.

Dell receives the 2014 Design for Recycling Award

iFixit engineers don’t just spend time in our workshop—we also work in scrapyards and recycling centers to assist recyclers in developing processes that help turn today’s products into tomorrow’s resources. We’re good at figuring out how to take apart difficult-to-dismantle gizmos. But we don’t get asked for help taking apart Dell’s products. And that’s a good thing: Dell already provides recyclers with disassembly information and integrates design for disassembly into their industrial design process.

Dell’s effort shows, and their team deserves credit for a job well done.