Right to Repair is Happening in Massachusetts Right Now. We Need Your Help.
Right to Repair

Right to Repair is Happening in Massachusetts Right Now. We Need Your Help.

We are on the cusp of a major Right to Repair victory in Massachusetts, and we need your help.

We asked you to call Representative Tackey Chan and convince him to advance this bill to a committee vote—and boy, did you deliver. Now, the Massachusetts House Committee is voting on your Right to Repair—seriously, right now. The poll is open, and it closes tomorrow at 2 pm EST.

Here’s what we need you to do: If you live in any of the following districts, please call your Representative and ask them to vote in support of Bill H.218—The Digital Right to Repair.

  • First Suffolk, Rep. Adrian C. Madaro: (617) 722-2400
  • Third Hampshire, Mindy Domb: (617) 722-2400
  • Fourteenth Middlesex, Tami L. Gouveia: (617) 722-2011
  • Seventh Middlesex, John Patrick Lewis: (617) 722-2030
  • Fourth Bristol, Steven S. Howitt: (617) 722-2305
  • Seventeenth Worcester, David LeBoeuf: (617) 722-2575 (extension 5) 
  • Second Worcester, Jon Zlotnik: (617) 722-2080 (extension 3) 
  • Seventh Norfolk, William J. Driscoll, Jr.: (617) 722-2460
  • Eighteenth Worcester, Joseph D. McKenna: (617) 722-2060

When you call, be sure to share a personal story if you can—the reason you care about this issue. Your words about your authentic problems are exactly what we need. Give an example of something broken you were able to fix, or what to fix. Or an example of something you needed fixed, but hit roadblocks due to the stranglehold manufacturers have on repair. Most legislators may not realize how accessible these at-home repairs can be.

To that end, avoid too much jargon. Most people don’t know that “OEM” means manufacturer. Avoid words like “hack” (use “customize” or “improve”). And—this should go without saying, but just in case—try not to curse.

We are so close! This final push is just what we need to make repair happen in Massachusetts.