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We always have repair on our minds. You may not, and that’s okay. We’re here to support your repair ecosystem. Our engineers build informative, useful repair guides and perform product repairability consulting to educate your customers, stakeholders, and designers.

We help companies build more repairable products and support their aftermarket. We can help your company lead the industry by creating a repair ecosystem.

Our team has decades of collective serviceability engineering experience, and we stand ready to use our experience and tools to help you make repairable products.

Repairability Assessments

Our experienced team of teardown engineers can disassemble your product and write a technical report evaluating the assembly and industrial design of your device, assessing how repairable it will be in the field or during refurbishment. We issue a repairability score to provide a baseline for a particular product or product family. Our large teardown library helps you perform comparisons with competitors’ devices. Reports include our iFixit score and, upon request, France’s new Repairability Index score.

Repairability Compliance Guidance

Starting January 1, 2021, France required certain products to list a Repairability Index (“Indice de réparabilité”) score, and we expect other countries to follow—more and more U.S. states are proposing Right to Repair legislation. Our serviceability experts can help you get ahead of regulatory requirements and craft a path to improve.

Technical Documentation

Our step-by-step manuals make it easy for people to perform a wide variety of tasks—whether they’re end-users, technicians, or engineers. We write detailed, photographic, step-by-step instructions that communicate how to get things done. Some of our clients use this information internally for training in-house technicians and partners in their service network, while others publish the information on the web (or iFixit) for their customers.

Parts Distribution

We can sell and fulfill replacement parts from our warehouses in the US and Europe, as well as manage inventory planning, distribution, and customer support. This is a great way to create a seamless repair experience for your customers, allowing them to access parts and service information from a central resource.

Design for Repair Workshops

With technical analysis and market-driven discussion, we can help product engineers and sustainability teams better understand how design choices impact the longevity and repairability of their devices. We offer virtual—and eventually—on-location workshops to help designers make products more repairable, durable, and sustainable.

iFixit didn’t invent the teardown, but the company has become by far the most popular and well-respected group of teardown artists in the world.

— Vice

Patagonia sets the bar high when it comes to making clothes last as long possible. The outdoor gear retailer not only resells its own used clothes through its Worn Wear program, but it also hosts repair events around the world, where people can bring their favorite Patagonia items to get fixed by professionals.

Our collaboration with Patagonia features online sewing tutorials that help people perform basic repairs.

We worked with Patagonia’s materials experts to create a lengthy Product Care Guide on iFixit that includes detailed instructions for laundering rain jackets, reapplying waterproofing, removing stains, and caring for the wide range of fabrics and materials that the company uses.

“Patagonia customers can learn basic sewing techniques like sewing a button or how to thread a sewing machine, while product guides across a variety of categories like outerwear and luggage help with even more advanced repairs like replacing zippers on jackets or handles on bags and leather goods.”

Patagonia press release

Motorola’s been building repairable phones since 1928 — that’s why they’ve chosen us to be their repair ally. In 2018, Motorola became the first major smartphone manufacturer to offer official replacement parts to customers, and we’re proud to be the company distributing those parts to DIY fixers around the globe.

I liked knowing I was getting a genuine battery, and I was very surprised by the quality of the tool kit it came with.

— Successful DIY Customer

It’s proof that OEM manufacturers and independent repair can co-exist. Motorola is setting an industry-leading example of a company that’s looking forward—not just six months ahead to next quarter’s margins, but years ahead when devices are destined for the shredder. If you’re a Motorola customer, you can now either send in your broken device directly to Motorola for repair—or you can fix it yourself with the highest quality parts and tools, plus a free step-by-step guide, all included in our Fix Kits.

Customers rave about their experience fixing their own Moto, and 70% of repair kit customers say the experience makes them more likely to buy a Motorola phone in the future. They also like the confidence knowing that iFixit tools and OEM parts come backed by the manufacturer.

iFixit is the only reseller offering OEM replacement parts and accessories for the HTC Vive VR headsets directly to consumers, as well as to HTC’s network of commercial enterprise customers. HTC is the first VR headset maker to sell OEM parts through iFixit, and we’re excited that we can help keep HTC Vive products up and running for years to come.

Why iFixit?

We are passionate about technical documentation.

We have been tearing down and creating service documentation for consumer electronic devices across many product categories for over 15 years. With the experience from writing thousands of repair guides, we are experts at communicating complex tasks simply. What’s the best way to explain how to remove a tricky and fragile connector? How can we make sure a hidden screw isn’t overlooked? We sweat the details and write the best service manuals in the world.

We use one-of-a-kind documentation software.

We weren’t happy with any of the existing documentation options available on the market, so we created our own custom software platform to enable collaborative creation of technical manuals.

Our manuals get things done.

We write service manuals that help get real work done. Every step shows precisely what to do, without ambiguous diagrams or superfluous instructions.

Brevity is the soul of service.

We communicate in the fewest words possible. Technicians just want to get the job done; we make that happen.

We capture high-resolution, instructive photos for every step.

Every iFixit photo tells a story. We integrate hands and tools into each shot to precisely communicate the action involved. Many traditional service manuals don’t use any photos at all, often relying on inaccurate and unintelligible line drawings. We even built an image markup tool that intuitively connects photos and text.

Our documentation never dies.

An outdated manual can be worse than no manual at all—incorrect information causes expensive mistakes. For a document to be truly useful for years to come, it has to get better with use. In our manuals, every single step has an edit button that allows field technicians to fix errors, update procedures, and make improvements. Field edits are queued for our review—and, once approved, our system automatically updates the document in every format we offer.

Spark your global DIY repair community.

Repair connects individuals to devices in a surprisingly intimate way. There’s nothing more frustrating than not being able to repair a broken device that has become part of your daily lifestyle.

Environmentally conscious consumers want to buy devices that they can use for as long as possible, performing repairs when necessary. Tinkerers and hackers want to modify products and improve them. People are actively forming ad-hoc online device support communities. Companies that embrace this DIY spirit will see consumers flock to products that are open, flexible, and durable. By joining the community, manufacturers have the opportunity to set a positive tone, provide leadership, and increase long-term demand.

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